$99.99 WattShine LED Grow Lights – 450W Growing Lighting, Grow Light Plant Light with On Off Switch Grow Lamp Plant Lamp for Greenhouse and Indoor Plant Grow LED Panel for Tomatoes and Peppers Veg Light

Price: $99.99
(as of Dec 23,2018 17:20:37 UTC – Details)

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【2x high speed whisper quiet fans】indoor tent grow room lighting with 2x high speed whisper quiet fans, ALL NEW upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks and unique built-in temperature controller, constitutes a quiet and powerful greenhouse cooling system, can dissipate heat from inside and outside the growing led lamp. Keep your greenhouse or grow tent in a quiet and safe environment for growth.
【Thermal Control】 Thermal Control design control power on and off, When the temperature of indoor garden plant lighting exceeds 113℉ , the power supply auto turns off, and after the temperature is cooled down, the power of grow led supply auto turns on again, effectively functioning as a temperature control protection.
【Zener diode protecting each LED】Big power LED chip and Zener design: We use long-life LED chips in our garden plants grow lighting, and each LED is equipped with high-quality Zener diodes to ensure that one led broken in growing led panel, other leds still work.
【Professional Customer Support】 Reliable warranty and professional service/support: We are not only the seller, but also a professional manufacturer with 9 years of experience in R&D and production of grow LED lamps. Our grow L.E.D.lights are tested and inspected at high temperatures before they are issued. The 36-month warranty is guaranteed. With our growing lights, you can enjoy a variety of plants, vegetables and flowers in the off-season. For any questions, just contact us and we will provi

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