$55.99 Hydroponics Indoor Smart Herb Garden Growing System, LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Built-in Reading Mode and Water Shortage Alarm with LED, Full Spectrum Plant Grow Lamp Shungru (Yellow)

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  • ►【 New Generation Indoor Garden Light】: Our Smart Indoor Garden Kit is not only an indoor garden light but also a reading lamp. Easy to use and Smart control with an auto control panel, automatically turns lights on / off. It helps to accelerate the growth of indoor fresh herbs,Basil,Salad Greens flowers and more. Ideal gift for kids Mom and friends.
  • ►【3 Modes】: (1)FULL SPECTRUM LIGHT Mode: red, blue & white led will be bright when you turn on, it's natural sunlight mode for your plants. (2) PROFESSIONAL Plant Mode: Professional growing lights (8 red Leds + 2 blue Leds) contribute to professional planting results. The blue light promotes the growth of stems and leaves, and the red light is for flower's blooming.(3) READING Mode: 8 white Led lights up,long pressing button adjust with3 lightness levels.
  • ►【 Easy To Use】: An auto-timed (16 hours lighting time + 8 hours sleep time everyday, automatically turn on/off.) 8.5 watt LED Grow Lights for indoor plants, lets you grow a indoor herb garden without natural light. The water reservoir can last about 2-3 weeks without refilling. And with water shortage alarm system, you can easily determine when to add water.
  • ►【 360 Degree Adjustable & Water Shortage Reminder】Adjustable lamp-post arm - 360 Degree parallel rotation to meet your different reading needs.Perpendicular 180 degree rotary fits in plants of different growing heights, up to 17 inches. And Indoor herbal garden System don't require daily watering, it could auto irrigate for 2-3 weeks, And smart when the red light flashes and the Machine beep it reminds you to add water.
  • ►【Enjoy Indoor Planting & Best Gift】8.5watt full spectrum LED lighting system is tuned to the specific spectrum that allows plants to maximize. Seeds and fertilizers are also free to choose upon your interest and habit. Perfect for herb,basil, salad greens curly parsley,thyme chive,mint,dill,parsley cherry tomato,rosemary, peppers, flowers... Enjoy fresh fruit and herbs with no harmful substances or pesticides. Great Xmas Birthday gift for kids Mom and friends!

BLUE & RED LIGHT FUNCTION: The blue light influences the formation of chlorophyll, enabling the plant to intake more energy.

Plants that receive plenty of blue light grow with strong, healthy stems and leaves. Red light contributes to the optimal development.

It’s essential to a plant’s early life for seed germination, root growth, and bulb development.

►【Top-mounted Automatic Photoreceptor】: The light will automatically adjust the brightness with the ambient light, and enter the timing state: 16 hours fill light + 8 hours rest
►【Built-in Reading Mode】: Both grow lamp and reading light, press the key to white light, enjoy reading under the flowers.
►【Water Shortage Alarm】: Built-in water level sensor. When the water in the planting sink is less than 10%, the water level warning light starts to flash and slams twice every half hour.
►【 Eliminate Mosquito Growth】: A new hydroponic technique to avoid soil damage and mosquito growth. The use of space meteorite media to increase the germination rate of plants is more suitable for plant growth.
►【 Imitation of Sunlight】: Through the study of the solar spectrum, the special indoor herb garden LED lamp is used to fill the plant to make photosynthesis, avoiding the baptism of outdoor wind and rain.

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