$42.98 Baltoro Sunlight Desk Lamp Natural Full Spectrum Sun Light. Simulates Daylight. 27 Watts power usage. SL5720RS

Price: $49.95 - $42.98
(as of Nov 20,2018 15:14:31 UTC – Details)

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Best Gift For Yourself or Loved Ones. Benefits of full spectrum Lighting: 1) Increases contrast in Reading. 2) Increase release of seratonin a hormone linked to an improved feeling of well being. 3) Increases vitamin D production in skin, which helps the body efficiently use calcium. 4) Render color much more accurately. 5) Reduce levels of melatonin, a harmone that promotes fatigue. About the Bulb: 1) Color Temprature 6500Kelvin. 2) High lumen output. “Your light is as good as number of Lumens it provides”. 3) Long lamp life of 10,000 hours. 4) Energy usage of 27 watts, light output of 150 watts. 5) 120 Volt AC 50/60Hz. Rocker On/Off.

Stylish Modern and looks great on your desk
Reading Lamp – Task Lamp – Therapy Lamp
Best Gift for Youself or Loved Ones
27 watts of energy usage 150 watts of light output
On/Off Switch 2 year warranty

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