$359.99 Vertical NFT Hydroponics Growing System – Full Hydroponic Kit for Indoor-Garden Soilless Planting – Grow Family-Safe Veg, Herbs and Salads Fast – 6 LED Grow Light, Timer, Pump, Reservoir with 24 Pods

Price: $399.99 - $359.99
(as of Dec 23,2018 10:52:36 UTC – Details)

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    Growing salad in the garden means you must contend with pests, acidic soil, bad weather and dirty fingernails! At SavvyGrow
    we bring the garden indoors – problems fixed. Click ADD TO CART now for effortless growing in your own home.


    The SavvyGrow hydroponic system comes with everything you need to become an amazing home grower and to be sure that
    what you grow is what you eat.

    Here’s what makes our grow kit super-great…

    • Low Maintenance for effortless gardening
    • Needs No Soil so no worries about acidity
    • Strong LEDs means no need for direct sunlight
    • Quiet & Durable Pump keeps on going without disturbing you
    • Just Top-Up with Water and Nutrients ideal for beginners & busy go-getters
    • No Need for a Glasshouse or Garden just a small room or balcony will do
    • Fresh Food at Your Fingertips no walking out in the rain to grab some herbs


    The lights on our NFT hydroponic growing system are long-life LEDs which last far longer than regular grow kit lighting and
    give a brighter light more suited to the plants than traditional bulbs.


    While some hydroponics systems cram as many grow holes as possible into their system, that only serves to compromise the
    growth of the plant. We tried & tested different variations and found 24 to be the ideal size to grow lush veg, herbs & salads big
    and fast.

    Buy with confidence, you’re covered by our 100% “Blooming Big” Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked.

    Click Add to Cart now for effortless growing in your own home.✔ EASY TO SET UP COMPLETE KIT… all you need to grow your fresh food organically; a full hydroponic system – 6 LED grow lights with 24 grow sites, timer, water pump, reservoir, zip ties and a free PDF guide of tips to get you started.
    ✔ UP TO 5 TIMES FASTER THAN SOIL… SavvyGrow hydroponics growing system automatically sends nourishment direct to the roots to create big plants fast for your indoor garden
    ✔ LESS IS MORE… our hydroponic system requires less water, little space, no soil, no herbicides or pesticides and no GMO but yields fresh & delicious tasty food with little effort
    ✔ GROW BIG PLANTS IN SMALL SPACES… our 3-tiered hydroponic grow kit means you can create a lush living wall of delicious herbs, veg & salads no matter how small your apartment
    ✔ GROWS 24 PLANTS… in only 16.5 x 28.5 inches of space, fits nice and easy into a kitchen or living space to provide the family with low carbon footprint, healthy & nutritious organic food

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