$330.00 GOWE Hydroponics system NFT with 36pcs of net cup. Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)100120

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GOWE Hydroponics system NFT with 36pcs of net cup. Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)100*120Hydroponics system-Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) NFT provides no medium support for roots. Typically, roots sit in a long sloping irrigation channel (Fig 1.1). Nutrient is introduced at the high end of the channel and allowed to flow over the roots after which it drains into a nutrient reservoir. It is then re-pumped back into the channel to repeat the watering process.
This feed cycle can be intermittent or continuous. An ¡®intermittent¡¯ feed cycle is regulated by a timer and repeated many times per hour. It is sometimes termed ¡°pulsed NFT¡±. Pulsed NFT usually achieves better aeration of roots because roots are exposed to air between each feed. A ¡®continuous¡¯ feed cycle runs non-stop. This is often used in commercial operations.
you can easily grow your favourite flowers in your home without any muddy mess and need for watering the plants regularly. Hydroponics is the ideal method to grow plants in urban areas. It makes a wonderful hobby that helps you relax and it is fun to your watch plants grow in nft hydroponic garden
Product size-100x120cm(LXH) 36 sites of net cup
Remarks: The water reservior is not included for the unit. One unit includes, 1, tube frame-1set; 2, Hose-1.5Meter; 3, pump-1pc; 4, Foam cube and net try for starting seed-1set; 5, Machenical timer-1pc; 6, Net cup-36pcs

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