$29.99 Egypt gift shops Maxi Modest Muslim Woman Overhead Afghan Desert Bedouin Burqa Custome Jilbab Khimar Niqab Veil Body Cover

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66″ Long. Size: One size fits all. The abaya is roomy not fitted

Islam has a modest dress code obligation for both Muslim man and woman on evidence found in Quran and Sunna. The garment aims to protect the family and creates suitable barrier between male and female in the community. Islamic rules are intended to guard the dignity and honor for every body in the society. Modesty is a sign of fairness in all aspects of our daily life including clothing.

Egypt Gift Shops supplies diverse range of modest traditional Islamic khimars, hijabs, Burkas, Bisht, abayas, jilbabs, skirts, pants, caftans, veils, dresses and capes. Our styles are worn indoors at home or outdoors at mosques, parties or in public depends on designs.

All our offers are tailored using quality fabrics and sewn in Egypt. Size and style Customization are welcome.Sewn in Egypt
Muslim Woman Overhead Body Face Cover
Crepe Fabric. Pullover Style. Arm Holes. Relaxed Fit
Suitable for all Seasons
Washable up to 30 degrees, Do not Bleach

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