$2,690.00 Cloudponics GroBox Fully Automated App Enabled Smart Hydroponic at-Home Grow System – Fully Assembled – Self-Sustaining – Simple Yet Flexible – Grow Like A Pro – Control Remotely via a Smartphone App

Price: $2,690.00
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The Cloudponics GroBox is a ground-breaking app-enabled way to grow organic herbs at home! The fully automated system is easy to use & lets you grow like a pro. Select the plant you wish to grow & the system will nurture it from seed to harvest. Easily follow the grow process on our app. Growing your own organic herbs will save you money. You can grow up to 8 oz. of your favorite organic herbs in 3 months. The Cloudponics GroBox will pay for itself with the first grow.

The GroBox makes growing your organic herbs at home EASY. The GroBox will automatically control the watering, nutrient dosage, pH levels, temperature, humidity & light controls within the unit. The GroBox also features customized grow lights, an odor filter & an app-controlled door lock. These tastefully crafted units have a sleek wooden exterior & aren’t designed to be hidden away. Each GroBox is about the size of a standard refrigerator.


  • AMBIENT & pH CONTROL: monitor air temperature, humidity and light & maintains pH levels
  • DRYING MODE: dry your herbs in the grow box at the end of the growth cycle

  • Item Dimensions: 28 x 28 x 66
  • Designed in the USA
  • Ships Fully Assembled


  • Black Dog Phytomax 200 LED grow light
  • Extraction fan
  • Carbon filter for odor removal
  • pH & EC sensors
  • Light & humidity sensors
  • Water & air temperature sensors
  • 6 netcups
  • Aeroponic grow chamber for 6 plants
  • Fresh water reservoir & pump
  • Aeroponic irrigation pump
  • Nutrient mix reservoir
  • Nutrient dosing for 3 nutrients
  • Circulation fan
  • pH + & – dosing
  • Iphone & Android App
  • Automated Door Lock

★ GROW LIKE A PRO – The Cloudponics GroBox system is EASY to use. Select the plant or strain you want to grow & the system will nurture it from seed to harvest. Sit back & follow your grow process on the app. A crowd sourced database of plant grow recipes allows you to give your specific plant the ideal conditions for it to thrive. Orders are custom made and take 30 days to construct.
★ HOME GROWN HEALTHY PLANTS – By home growing your plants with Cloudponics you know for sure that they are healthy. Don’t worry about smells either; the GroBox uses an active-carbon filter by Can-Filters to keep your home free of any odor. The experience of watching your plants grow before your eyes and then consuming them is waiting for you.
★ FULLY AUTONOMOUS GROWING SYSTEM – You will be able to leave on a 3 week vacation without worrying about your plants, but you can check on them from your Cloudponics Remote app from anywhere in the world. A large water reservoir allows the system to run for 2-3 weeks without refill. Cloudponics gives you the peace of mind you need.
★ PERSONALIZED ASSISTANT ON YOUR PHONE – The Cloudponics GroPro system comes with the GroApp that allows you to monitor & control your system from anywhere. The GroApp will send reminders to refill your water reservoir and tracks nutrients, lighting, pH levels, temperature & more. Merging artificial intelligence & skilled human growers that check your plants daily, our Personal Grow Trainer service allows your plants to grow under optimized conditions & improves the grow recipes constantly
★ SAVE MONEY – Never again pay high prices for your organic herbs. Cloudponics GroBox is a solution that pays for itself with the first grow. Grow up to 10 ounces of your favorite organic herbs in just 3 months.

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