$1,999.00 Grobo One Automated Grow Box — Hydroponics Growing System — Ships Fully Assembled — Smartphone Controlled

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About Grobo One
Grobo One is a fully automated hydroponic grow box. It utilizes the latest technology and data to optimize the growth of your plants. Simply plug it in, plant your seed, select the recipe on the Grobo app and let Grobo One hydroponic grow box do the growing.

Grobo is designed and manufactured in North America so the quality of Grobo One and its materials is assured. Standing at 4 feet tall, 14″ deep and 14″ wide Grobo is perfectly sized to grow, while fitting easily into any space in your home or apartment. Grobo’s sleek, modern design will look great in your living room or kitchen.

What can you grow?
Grobo has over 100 grow recipes custom built specifically for each plant in our library. The recipe will customize nutrient dosing, pH and lighting for your plant. So it gets exactly what it needs, when it needs it.

Grow recipes include peppers, lettuce, tomatoes and other herbs. You can see all of our recipes and description of each seed at https://www.grobo.io/pages/grow-recipes.

The Grobo One Hydroponic Grow Box comes with one set of bottles (bottles 1-5), one coco pod, one carbon filter, one pH sensor, one EC sensor and of course one beautiful Grobo One. You can easily and affordably purchase additional nutrients and supplies as they are required from our online store. All of our grow recipes have been designed specifically for use with the nutrients provided.

Incredibly Easy to Use — Pick your favourite recipe from the Grobo app, plant your seed, watch it grow then harvest and enjoy. Even if you don’t have a green thumb you can still easily grow high quality plants with yields of 1.5-3 oz. per grow.
Grows Discreetly — This stealth grow box is equipped with a steel security lock and an odor reducing carbon filter. This means that what you grow is your business and your business alone.
Beautiful Design — This beautiful white growbox is designed and made in North America. It’s sleek look fits flawlessly into any living space.
Genius Technology — The Grobo One is an incredibly smart grow box. Each recipe has a customized growing schedule to optimize light settings and adjust EC or pH levels. The extremely energy efficient lights add only $5 per month to your energy bill.
Comes to you Ready to Grow — We send the Grobo to you with a complete grow kit that contains all sensors, a carbon filter, a coco pod and all the grow nutrients you need to grow an incredible plant.

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